Jams, Savoury and Sweet Spreads

De Ruijter Milk Chocolate Sprinkles
De Ruijter Dark Chocolate Sprinkles
De Ruijter Fruit Sprinkles
Hero Dessert Saus
Penotti Cookie Notti


Mikkola Family Farm & Apiary 100% Local Honey
Langnese Acacia Honey
375g — $15.59
Langnese Country Creamy Honey
375g — $11.49
Fines French River Local unpasteurized raw honey
Nude Bee Blueberry Honey 250g $10.19


Available Flavours: Strawberry, Crabapple, Raspberry, Peach and Boysenberry

Darbo Jams

Steiner Foods - Darbo
Available Flavours: Rose Apricot, Raspberry Rhubarb, Garden Strawberry, Raspberry and Black Cherry

Schwartau Spreads

Available Flavours: Apricot, Cherry, Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Himbeere, Ananas, Hagebutte, Schwarekirsche, Forest Fruits and Rote Johannisbeere


Available Flavours: Ginger Marmalade, Golden Shred – Orange Marmalade, Scotch – Orange Marmalade, Thick Cut – Orange Marmalade, and Silver Shred – Lemon Marmalade


Danish Selection

Available Flavours: Wild Blueberry, Strawberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Cherry, Orange and Raspberry
Caramoomel – Hot Garlic Pepper Wine Jelly
Something Special – Gourmet Red Chili 300g – $4.79 each
Mrs. Bridges Chutneys
Caramoomel – Blush Wine Jelly
Robertson’s – Pure Maple Butter
Braswells Pure Pear Compote
Menz and Gasser – Fig Spread
250ml — $4.19 each
Braswells – Red Pepper Jelly
Felix Lingonberry Jam | NAPPA Awards
Felix Lingonberry Sauce
410g – $7.89 each
Zentis Aachener Pflumli (plum)
Schwartau Pflaumen Mus

Pesto and Tapenade

Paese Mio – Italian Basil Sauce
212g – $3.19 each
Elki – Black Olive Tapenade
280g – $8.39 each
Paese Mio – Red Pesto
212g – $3.19 each
Elki – Green Olive Tapenade
280g – $8.39 each
Paese Mio – Artichoke Paste
190g – $3.19 each
Belazu Truffle and Artichoke Pesto
Olive Branch Chunky Tapenade
Greaves Chili Sauce


Sugar beet Syrup
Turkey Hill – Pure Maple Syrup
Tate and Lyle’s Golden Syrup
Golden Treasure – Dark Maple Syrup – Local

Sweet Spreads

Menz and Gasser – Sweetened Chestnut Puree 250ml — $4.19 each

Vegetable Spreads

S&F Peppetizer
500ml — $4.49
Vegemite 200g $11.29 each
S&F Ajvar
720ml — $5.29
Apex Elegance Gourmet foods Wholesale supplier of Dalla Terra ...
Dalla Terra
Garden Antipasto
375ml – $4.19 each
Dalla Terra – Smokey Pepper Spread
375ml — $4.19 each
Dalla Terra Roasted Pepper Antipasto - Fresh is Best on Broadway
Dalla Terra Roasted
Pepper Antipasto 375ml – $4.19 each