Easter Pre Order

Hoppy Easter! We have a lot of delicious desserts available for Easter this year! Check out what we are offering this Easter below!

Easter Dessert Box – $52 – comes with cupcakes, macarons, bunny cake truffles, royal icing cookies, meringues, mini chocolate eggs and more!
Bunny Cake Truffles – $4 each
Cookie Cake – Toppings may vary – $20
Easter DIY Cookie Kit – $25 – 12 Cookies, 3 bags of icing and 3 sets of sprinkles
Easter Cupcakes 6 pack – half chocolate, half vanilla – may be different designs – $20
Hot Cross Buns – $8
Macarons – 6 box – $13
12 box – $25.50
Royal Icing Sugar Cookie – Bunny with a name – $8 each
Royal Icing Sugar Cookies – See prices in the order form below. (bunny peeps are the teal or pink bunnies shown above)

Deadline to order and pay is Monday March 27th.

Order yours in the form below: