Deli Meats and Cheeses


Black Forest HamNaturally hardwood smoked ham.
LachsschinkenPork Loin dry cured and double smoked.
Westfalian Ham – German ham that is dry cured and smoked slowly over beechwood and juniper wood to create a mild smokey flavour.
Black Forest Style Turkey Breast
Pastrami – Made with lean beef and seasoned with paprika.
Montreal Smoked Meat – Seasoned with allspice, cloves and peppercorns then smoked to perfection.
Bavarian Meatloaf (coarse) – Coarse textured pork and beef loaf.
Dutch Meatloaf (fine) – Pork and beef loaf rich in flavour with a fine texture.
Beerwurst – German cooked smoked sausage with a garlicy flavour, seasoned with black peppercorns, paprika and mustard seeds.
Krakovska – Made in the traditional Polish way with lean pieces of ham, spiced with garlic and pepper.
Jagdwurst – German cooked sausage made of lean beef and pork, as well as belly of pork, with spices.
All Veal Lyoner – Made from veal and a spice blend with a mild flavour and fine texture.
Spiced Ham – Made in the traditional European way with select pieces of ham and mild seasoning of pepper and spices.
Vinegar Head Cheese – Meat jelly made with flesh from head of a calf or a pig.
Garlic Head Cheese – Meat jelly made with flesh from head of a calf or a pig.
Baltic Galowiczer Salami – Baltic salami has a unique old world flavour, it is subtly seasoned with garlic and has a fine texture.
German Salami – Mild smoked salami.
Vienna SalamiMild smoked salami.
Hungarian Salami – Smoked salami with a mild peppery flavour.
Wine SalamiWine salami has the tanginess of wine with a subtle smokey flavour in a distinctive square shape.
Kaiser SalamiMild smoked salami in a unique flower casing.
Mexican SalamiSpicy salami
Dry Salami – Spiced dried salami.
Liver Sausage – Fine, Coarse, or Fine with Herbs – 3 varieties – Made from Pork and Pork Liver and flavoured in various ways. Spreadable.

Meats – Packaged

Fine Teewurst
European specialty made with pork and beef. Dry cured, mildly spiced and naturally hardwood smoked. Spreadable.
Finely ground pork, bacon and sometimes veal with a mix of spices.
Tasty pork pate with onions. Spreadable.

Hausmacher Liver Sausage
Old German style coarse ground liver sausage. Made with pork and pork liver.
A type of dried sausage made of beef, pork and spices, air dried to resemble and small salami. Packages contain 10 landjaegers.
Knackwurst Sausages
A fine blend of pork and beef, naturally hardwood smoked and mildly seasoned with a traditional blend of spices.
Smoked Farmers Sausages
Robust sausages with a coarse texture that is naturally hardwood smoked and seasoned with garlic. Ready to eat. Packages contain 8 sausages
Muenchner Weisswurst Sausages
White sausages made from pork and seasoned with parsley and lemon.
European Wieners
A blend of pork and beef in a natural casing. Naturally hardwood smoked and mildly seasoned. Ready to eat. Packages contain 12 European Wieners


Double Cream Brie – Soft and creamy bloomy-rind cheese from France.
Cambozola – A cow’s milk cheese that is a combination in style of a French soft-ripened triple cream cheese and Italian Gorgonzola
3 Year Aged Cheddar – Aged for 3 years with a firm, brittle texture.
Aged Gruyere – A hard, pale yellow strong tasting cheese made in Switzerland.
Swiss EmmentalerThe original Swiss cheese with a medium hard texture and a mild, sweet nutty flavour.
Danish Creamy Havarti – Havarti is an interior-ripened cheese with a creamy texture and a creamy, buttery flavour from Denmark.
Arla Roasted Garlic Harvarti Ripened for three months, this lactose-free cheese has a creamy texture and a distinctive roasted garlic flavour.
Lappi – Finnish mild cheese, firm with small holes.
EdamA semi-hard cheese that originated in the Netherlands. Coated in red wax.
Mustard and Ale Cheddar – Aged for 10 months with a classic combination of whole grain mustard, english ale, and mild, creamy cheddar.
Applewood Smoked Cheddar – Semi-firm cheese that has been naturally smoked with apple wood embers and lightly sprinkled with paprika.
Royal Blue StiltonBlue cheese from the UK.
Medium, Spiced or Smoked Gouda – Creamy textured cheeses.
Black Lemon Gouda – A fun cheese combining two Dutch loves – liquorice and gouda. This cheese has a beautiful creamy texture, a kiss of liquorice and a touch of lemon. Amazingly perfect!