Deli Meats and Cheeses


Black Forest Ham
Naturally hardwood smoked ham. $2.39/100g
Made with lean beef and seasoned with paprika. $3.39/100g
Made in the traditional Polish way with lean pieces of ham, spiced with garlic and pepper.
Veal Lyoner
Made from veal and a spice blend with a mild flavour and fine texture.
Baltic Galowiczer Salami
Baltic salami has a unique old world flavour, it is subtly seasoned with garlic and has a fine texture. $3.69/100g
Pork Loin dry cured and double smoked. $4.39/100g
Montreal Smoked Meat
Seasoned with allspice, cloves and peppercorns then smoked to perfection.
Dutch Meatloaf (fine)
Pork and beef loaf rich in flavour with a fine texture.
German cooked sausage made of lean beef and pork, as well as belly of pork, with spices. $2.69/100g
Garlic OR Vinegar Head Cheese
Meat jelly made with flesh from head of a calf or a pig.
Oven Roast Turkey Breast
Westfalian Ham
German ham that is dry cured and smoked slowly over beechwood and juniper wood to create a mild smokey flavour.
Bavarian Meatloaf (coarse)
Coarse textured pork and beef loaf.
Spiced Ham
Made in the traditional European way with select pieces of ham and mild seasoning of pepper and spices.
Old Fashioned Beef Salami
100% lean beef with a subtle blend of spices, dry cured and naturally hardwood smoked.
German cooked smoked sausage with a garlicy flavour, seasoned with black peppercorns, paprika and mustard seeds.
Blood and Tongue
A variety of head cheese made with blood, suet, oatmeal and bread crumbs with pickled beef tongue added.
Fine Teewurst
European specialty made with pork and beef. Dry cured, mildly spiced and naturally hardwood smoked. Spreadable.
German Salami
Mild smoked salami.
Vienna Salami
Mild smoked salami.
Finely ground pork, bacon and sometimes veal with a mix of spices.
Tasty pork pate with onions. Spreadable.
$6.49 per piece

Pick Winter Salami
A smoked and dry cured salami.
Hungarian Salami
Smoked salami with a mild peppery flavour.
Wine Salami
Wine salami has the tanginess of wine with a subtle smokey flavour in a distinctive square shape.
Hausmacher Liver Sausage
Old German style coarse ground liver sausage. Made with pork and pork liver.
Liver Sausage – Fine, Coarse, or Fine with Herbs – 3 varieties
Made from Pork and Pork Liver and flavoured in various ways. Spreadable.
Kaiser Salami
Mild smoked salami in a unique flower casing.
Mexican Salami
Spicy salami
Dry Salami
Spiced dried salami.
A type of dried sausage made of beef, pork and spices, air dried to resemble and small salami.
$2.19/per piece
Knackwurst Sausages
A fine blend of pork and beef, naturally hardwood smoked and mildly seasoned with a traditional blend of spices.
$7.79 per 4 pack
European Wieners
A blend of pork and beef in a natural casing. Naturally hardwood smoked and mildly seasoned. Ready to eat.
$2.59/100g – Comes in a 12 pack
Smoked Farmers Sausages
Robust sausages with a coarse texture that is naturally hardwood smoked and seasoned with garlic. Ready to eat.
$2.59/100g – 8 pack
Muenchner Weisswurst Sausages
White sausages made from pork and seasoned with parsley and lemon.
$8.79 per pack of 4.


Castello Camembert Cheese $5.25
Danish Creamy Havarti
Havarti is an interior-ripened cheese with a creamy texture and a creamy, buttery flavour from Denmark.
Finnish mild cheese, firm with small holes.
A semi-hard cheese that originated in the Netherlands. Coated in red wax. $3.79/100g
Double Cream Brie
Soft and creamy bloomy-rind cheese from France.
Mustard and Ale Cheddar
Aged for 10 months with a classic combination of whole grain mustard, english ale, and mild, creamy cheddar.
Castello Brie Cheese $5.25
Arla Roasted Garlic Harvarti
Ripened for three months, this lactose-free cheese has a creamy texture and a distinctive roasted garlic flavour.
3 Year Aged Cheddar
Aged for 3 years with a firm, brittle texture.
Medium Gouda
Ripened for three months, this lactose-free cheese has a creamy texture.
Spiced Gouda
A lactose-free cheese with a creamy texture spiced with caraway.
Applewood Cheese
Semi-firm cheese that has been naturally smoked with apple wood embers and lightly sprinkled with paprika.
Aged Gruyere
A hard, pale yellow strong tasting cheese made in Switzerland.$6.79/100g
Castello Brie with Garlic Pepper Cheese $5.25
The original Swiss cheese with a medium hard texture and a mild, sweet nutty flavour.
Cambozola out of stock
A cow’s milk cheese that is a combination in style of a French soft-ripened triple cream cheese and Italian Gorgonzola
Royal Blue Stilton
Blue cheese from the UK.