Custom Cake Gallery

At Gourmet World we make a lot of custom cakes to fit our customers vision. From birthdays to weddings, Gourmet World can make you a beautiful cake that fits your budget. We have many options for cake sponges and fillings to fit everyone’s tastes, including vegan and gluten free options available. Whether you choose to have all buttercream, all fondant, or buttercream with fondant decorations, there are many options available to our customers to create their perfect cake.

Check out our gallery below. If you would like to order a cake similar to any of the ones in this gallery, send us a cake order form with a description of the cake. Cakes will like differ from the photos in size depending on how many servings are required for you and your guests.


Tea Pot and Tea Cup Cake
Chanel Cake
Champagne Cake (champagne provided by customer)
Double Height Blues and Blacks
Painted Cake Purple Pink and Green with Flower
Double Height Brown and Gold Cake
Fondant Book Cake
Magicians Hat Cake
Coffin Cake
Death Cake with Red Flowers
Friday the 13th Cake
Green Cake with Flowers Painted
Fire and Ice Cake with Scorpion
Half Birthday Cake
Hawaiian Theme Cake
Lemon and Macaron Cake
Concrete and Pink with Macarons
Whimsical Colours Cake
Brain Cake
Tall Rainbow Sprinkles Cake
Safari Theme
Pink Rough Edge with Flowers
Gold Splattered Sunflower Cake
Naked Iced with Gold Leaf and Fresh Flowers
Pink with Fresh Flowers, macarons, strawberries
Marble Buttercream
Flowers and Rice Paper Decorations with Gold Topper
2-tiered White with Gold Leaf, Succulents and Flowers
Carved Heart with Buttercream Basket Weave
Strawberry Shortcake Style
Alcohol Themed Cake
Corona Beer Cake
Ballet Slippers Rosettes Cake
Fondant Suitcase Cake
World Travel Inspired Cake
Travel Inspired Cake with Hand drawn Monuments
Paris Inspired Travel Cake
Paris Pain et Chocolat Cake
Paris Cafe Cake
Las Vegas Cake
2-tiered Las Vegas Cake

Wedding and Anniversary Cakes

Wedding Cake Blue and Gold Leaf with Fresh Flowers
Wedding Cake 3-tiered Purple and White Fresh Flowers
Wedding Cake Fondant Flowers Purple and White
Wedding Cake 2-tiered Rough Edge Fresh Flowers
Wedding Cake 2-tiered White with Fresh Flowers
Wedding Cake 2-tiered Naked Iced Fresh Flowers
Wedding Cake Modern Style Pink and White
Wedding Cake Tall White with Gold Leaf and Dinosaur Topper (topper provided by customer)
Wedding Cake 2-tiered Hand Drawn
Wedding Cake and Cupcakes 2-tiered White and Blue with Sunflowers
Wedding Cake 2-tiered White with Fresh Flowers on top
Wedding Cake Tall White Rough Edge Hand Drawn Decorations
Wedding Cake Birch Tree
Wedding Cake 2-tiered Bark and Pink with Flowers
Wedding Cake 2-tiered White Gold and Pink with Fresh Flowers on top
Wedding Cake 2-tiered Black and Gold Drip, Red Rosettes
Wedding Cake 2-tiered Silver and White
Anniversary Replica of Wedding cake – 2-tiered with Fondant Lobsters
No Distance Between Us Fondant Plane Anniversary Cake

Baptism and Communion Cakes

Baptism Pink with Fresh Flowers Cake
Baptism White with Small Fondant Flowers Cake
Baptism 2-tiered White and Pink Cake
Baptism Pink Fondant Flowers on White Cake
Baptism White and Pink with Fresh Flowers Cake
Baptism Tall White Blue and Gold Cake with Cross Topper Cake
(Topper was provided by customer)
Communion White Gold and Blue 2-tiered Cake

Geode Cakes

Purple Geode Cake
Blue Geode Cake
Blue and Gold Geode Cake

Drip Cakes

Teal and Red Drip Cake
Peanut Butter Chocolate Drip Cake
Chocolate and Gold Drip
Pink and White Drip Cake
Pastel Drip Cake
Gold and White Drip Cake (topper provided by customer)
Blue and Gold Drip Cake
Ombre Cake with White Drip and Fruit on top
Tiktok Drip Cake
Pink and Gold Drip Cake
Gold Drip with Pink and White accents
Loaded White with White Drip with chocolates, strawberries, and flowers

Fault Line Cakes

Blue and White Fault Line Cake
Purple Ombre Fault Line Cake with Iris
Fault Line Cake with Gold and Flower

Candy Lovers Cakes

Switch Colours Candy Cake
Pink Candy Cake
Purple Candy Cake

Chocolate Lovers Cakes

Nutella and Chocolate Lovers Cake (Nutella container provided by customer)
Black and Gold Chocolate Lovers Cake
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Lovers Cake

Buttercream Flowers

Pink Buttercream Flowers
Purple, Pink and Yellow Buttercream Flowers
Watering Can and Buttercream Flowers
Lavender Buttercream Flowers
Spring Buttercream Flowers
White Buttercream Flowers

Pink and Purple Buttercream Flowers

Baby Shower

Mommy To Bee Fondant Covered Cake
Gender Reveal Cake
Woodland Themed Cake
2-tiered Baby Boy Cake
2-tiered Baby Booties with Pink Ruffles and Flowers
Fondant Elephant Baby Shower Cake
Mustache and Bowtie Baby Shower Cake
2-tiered Alice in Wonderland Don’t be Late Baby Shower Cake
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Cake
Tuxedo Baby Shower Cake
African Princess Baby Shower Cake

1st Birthday Cakes and Smash Cakes

Pink Donut with Sprinkles Smash Cake
Green Dinosaur Smash Cake and Cupcakes
Dinosaur Smash Cake (toy topper provided by customer)
Big Blueberry Smash Cake
Wild One Smash Cake
Safari Theme Smash Cake
Sailor Themed Smash Cake
Hedgehog Smash Cake
Golf Ball Smash Cake
Unicorn Guest and Smash Cake
Pink Stars and Moon Guest and Smash Cake
Light Pink Donut Shaped Guest and Smash Cake
Fondant Twins 1st Birthday Cake
Boho 1st Birthday
Lumberjack 1st Birthday
Fondant Sunshine 1st Birthday Cake
Pink and White Splattered Smash Cake

Food Inspired

Bowl of Ramen Fondant Cake
Grilled Steak Fondant Cake
Raw Steak Fondant Cake
Pizza Fondant Cake
2-tiered Watermelon Fondant Cake
Buttercream Watermelon Cake
Pineapple Buttercream Cake
Cherries Buttercream Cake
Stack of Donuts Fondant Cake
Ice Cream Cone Cake
Ice Cream and Donut Drip Cake
Mini Donut Topped Drip Cake
Waffle Optical Illusion Cake
Blue and Pink Donut drip cake

Animal Theme

Fondant Owls
Old Macdonald Had a Farm
2-tiered Safari Animals
3 Pandas Stacked
Bee Cake with Rosettes
Tall Bee Cake with Honeycombs
2-tiered Peacock
Circus Tent and Animals
Fondant Fox Cake

Unicorn Theme

Unicorn Cake with Large Eyes
Unicorn Cake with Strawberries, candies, chocolates, and meringues
2-tiered Unicorn Drip
Fondant Unicorn and Rainbow Cake
2-tiered Unicorn Cake with Gold Horn

Mermaid and Sea/Beach Theme

2-tiered Mermaid Cake
Typical Mermaid Cake
Mermaid Cake with Paper Sales
Fault Line Mermaid Cake
Waves and Sales Mermaid Themed Cake
Sea Themed Cake
Beach Theme

Frozen Theme

Frozen Cake Fondant Olaf
2-tiered Frozen Cake with Fondant Flowers and Handcrafted Olaf
Elsa Flowing Dress with Snowflakes Cake
Frozen Painted Cake (topper provided by customer)
Elsa Fondant Face Cake
Hand drawn Elsa Face on Cake

Birthday Cakes – Various Themes

2-tiered Alice in Wonderland with Fondant Tree Cake
Harry Potter Cake
Hobbit House Cake
Star Wars Storm Trooper Cake
Star Wars r2d2 Cake
Painted Star Wars Scene on Cake
Star Wars Galaxy Cake with Death Star
Transformers Optimus Prime Cake
Transformers Bumblebee Cake
Ghostbusters Cake
2-tiered The Incredibles Cake
Lion King Cake
Rapunzel Cake
Bubble Guppies Cake
Little Baby Bum Cake
Cocomelon 2-tiered Cake
Hatchimals Cake (toys provided by customer)
Sesame Street Cake
Ryan’s World 2-tiered cake
Blippi Cake
Baby Shark Cake
Fondant Covered Baby Shark Cake
PJ Masks Cake
Teletubbies Cake
Spongebob Squarepants Cake
Rainbow Sprinkles Cake

Sunshine Unicorn Cake
Buttercream Rubix Cube Cake
TY Babies Theme 2-tiered Cake
LOL Dolls Theme (LOL Dolls provided by customer)
Slime Theme Cake (slime containers provided by customer)

Fondant Paintbrush and Easel Paint Cake
Fondant Crayons and Drawing Cake
Cake Inspired by Drawing
Naruto Cake
Pikachu Cake
2-tiered Pokeball Pikachu Cake
Fondant Dinosaur Cake
Dino Inspired Cake
Mickey Mouse Cake
Fondant Minnie Mouse Cake
Pink Minnie Mouse Cake with Flowers
Tiktok Dance Cake
Sculpted Minion Cake
Minion Cake with Blue Drip (toys provided by customer)
Finding Nemo Tall Cak
Nemo Themed Cake
Narwhal Cake
Viking Themed Cake
Thomas the Tank Engine Themed Cake (train and track provided by customer)
Hot Wheels Themed Cake
2-tiered Transportation Themed Cake
Fondant Construction Theme Cake
Fault Line Construction Cake
Sculpted Construction Cake (toys provided by customer)
Fondant Dirty Thirty Tire Cake
Classic Car Aspen Cake
Painted Cake with Model Car
Ferrari 2-tiered Cake
Fondant Spaceship Cake
Sculpted 3D Plane Cake
Harley Davidson Logo Cake
Astronaut and Rocket Cake
Batman Fondant Mask Cake with Yellow Drip
Batman Cake with Edible Images
Captain America Fondant Cake
Hulk Smash Fondant Fist Cake
Marvel Theme Fondant Cake
Sculpted 5 with Marvel Fondant Theme Cake
2-tiered Buttercream Spiderman Cake
Spiderman Cake
Spiderman Cake with Spider
Spiderman Drip Cake
2-tiered Hunting Cake
Lumberjack Tree Cake
Partridge Hunting Cake
Mountains/Outdoors Cake
Rough Edge Outdoor Mountains and Stream Cake
Smores over Campfire Cake
Fishing Themed Cake
Fondant Baseball Cake
Painted Basketball Cake with topper (topper provided by customer)
LeBron James Basketball Cake
Basketball Cake with Whistle
Soccer Cake with Fondant Shoes
Golf Theme Cake with Fondant accents
Fondant Golf Course with Golfer Cake
21 Pilots Cake
Drumset Cake
Marshmello Cake

Friends Couch Cake
Central Perk Friends Themed Cake
2-tiered Wrestling Cake
2-tiered Sun and Sunflowers Cake
2-tiered Cowboy Cake
Engineer Cake
Hydro Pole Cake
Firefighter Fondant Cake

Video Games

Super Mario Cake
Xbox Controller and Colours Cake
Nintendo Switch Cake
Mortal Combat Theme
Buttercream Minecraft Cake with Toys (toys provided by customer)
Fondant Minecraft Cake
2-tiered Fortnite Cake
Marshmello Blue Fortnite Cake with White Drip
Fortnite Galaxy Cake
Fortnite Cake with Supply Llama Cake
Fortnite Fondant Decorations and Buttercream Trees Cake
Fortnite Cake Large Fondant #1 Victory Royale Sign
Fortnite Drip Blue Purple and Black


2-tiered Pink 2020 Grad Cake
Watt? You’re Done! Grad Cake
Doctor Fondant Grad Cake
Lasalle Secondary Grad Cake
Laurentian University Grad Cake
White Green and Gold Grad Cake
White Rosettes Grad Cake with Hat and Diploma
Dump Truck and Tire Grad Cake